Preppy Summer Nails & Chic Apple Watch Bands

Written by Sheldon Petit


Posted on April 03 2023

Hello, fashionistas! Summer is just around the corner, and we're all about stepping up our style game. Today, we're diving into the world of preppy summer nails and custom Apple Watch bands, because who says you can't be tech-savvy and stylish at the same time? Let's explore some fabulous designs and the perfect pairings for that chic summer look you've been dreaming of.


Preppy Summer Nails


Summer is all about fun, vibrant colors and patterns. This season, we're obsessing over preppy-inspired nail designs that will make a statement wherever you go. Think classic stripes, bold color-blocking, and charming polka dots. Mix and match these patterns for a truly eye-catching manicure. Don't forget to choose a color palette that complements your wardrobe and custom Apple
Watch bands.


Custom Apple Watch Bands


Now that your nails are on point, let's talk about accessorizing your tech. Custom Apple Watch bands are an easy and stylish way to add personality to your everyday essentials. Strawberry Avocados offers a wide range of unique and fashion-forward bands that cater to every style and taste. Check out some of our favorites for this summer season:


  1. Honey Bee Me 2.0 Blue, White & Red - This vibrant and playful design is perfect for a preppy look. Pair it with striped or polka dot nails for a fun, cohesive style.
  2. Skylar Ivory - For a more elegant and sophisticated touch, this minimalist band will complement any outfit. Match it with color-blocked nails in soft pastels for a chic summer vibe.
  3. Ivory Soft Apple Watch Band - Embrace your wild side with this stunning animal print band. Combine it with bold, contrasting nail designs for a fierce and fashionable statement.


Pairing Your Nails & Bands


When it comes to pairing your preppy summer nails with your custom Apple Watch bands, don't be afraid to play with different patterns and colors. Use your bands as inspiration for your nail designs or vice versa. The key is to create a harmonious look that showcases your unique style and flair.


For more style inspiration and tips on how to personalize your Apple Watch, check out our Ultimate Guide to Personalizing Your Apple Watch.


Stay stylish this summer, and don't forget to share your fabulous nail and watch band pairings with us on social media! Happy styling, fashionistas!